1-Wire LCD Demo unit

The above demo unit perspex box has been discontinued.


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The 1-Wire LCD controller connects to a Dallas 1-Wire network and functions as a slave device. This controller could be used to display information on a LCD under control of a 1-Wire network master. The 1-Wire LCD controller supports different standard text liquid crystal character displays (e.g. 2 Lines x 16 Characters LCD).

The 1-Wire LCD controller has the following built-in functionality:


Below are a few typical applications for the functionality implemented on the 1-Wire LCD controller:

General Purpose Inputs and Outputs:
Display: EEPROM Storage:

These are only some of the possibilities of the 1-Wire LCD controller.


Acquirement Options

The 1-Wire LCD controller has the following options regarding its use with or in other 1-Wire devices:

The client may:

1) Obtain the 1-Wire LCD Demo boards (as seen below) and use them in custom end products.

1-Wire LCD Demo board - bottom        1-Wire LCD Demo board - top


2) Obtain the 1-Wire LCD controller IC (a pre-programmed PIC16F628A) ready to be used in custom end products. 

1-Wire LCD Controller (PIC16F628)

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